Stephanie Rothenberg

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Stephanie Rothenberg uses performance, video, and net-based media to create interactive situations that question relationships between individuals and socially constructed identities, lifestyles and public spaces. Referencing corporate models and their infrastructures, her work merges popular forms of advertising and market research with participatory experiences involving role-playing and fantasy. Cultural conventions of time and efficiency, spirituality and tradition are foregrounded through their juxtaposition to prescribed, streamlined systems. The convergence lends itself to a recoding of current perceptions of commodity and locative culture, infusing the public-ness of both objects and sites with what is unique and idiosyncratic, moving beyond intended use-value. The resultant goal is generative; the creation of new spaces, material and indeterminate, fluid and integrative, working towards new translations of the visual landscape. Stephanie's work has been exhibited in media festivals and galleries in the US and abroad including ISEA 2004, Helsinki, Finland, New York Digital Salon's International Exhibition, NYC, Knitting Factory, NYC, Maid in Cyberspace/Studio XX, Montreal, Quebec, Thealit, Bremen, Germany, Versionfest, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Gene Siskel Theatre, Chicago, Contemporary Art Center, North Adams, Massachusetts. She commutes between New York City and Buffalo, New York and is Assistant Professor of Communication Design at the State University of New York at Buffalo. She received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.