Suggestions Toward a Small Video Facility

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National Center for Experiments in Television at KQED, San Francisco, CA (undated)




Suggestions Toward a Small Video Facility by Richard Stephens and Don Hallock. Richard Stephens was the Center's first maintenance video engineer. His background includes circuit designing and broadcast television equipment maintenance, most recently for the Munich Olypics. Don Hallock, a video artist, has a professional background in education and commercial television as a cameraman, producer and director and was the initial organizer of the Center's technical/ production facility. Paragraphs follow: I. Systems Approach: Sync Generator, Standards, Cables, Connectors, Patch Panel, Used Equipment, II. Physical Facility: Power, Heat, Dust, Physical Layout and Cabling, Logs, Floors, Walls, Worklights, III. Cameras: Sony AV-3400/AVC-3400 (Portapak), Sony AVC-3200, Sony DXC-2000A, Sony DXC-5000 color camera, IV. Videotape Recorders: Sony 5000 and 5000A, Sony 320F, Ampex 7000, Ampex 7500, Ampex 5800, Ampex 7800, Sony Videocassette, V. Monitors, and VI. Accoutrements: Lights, Lenses, Tripods, Videotape. The documents final page (28) holds an appendix.

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