Susan Muska and Greta Olafsdottir Bless Bless Prods.

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Bless Bless Prods.
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Susan Muska and Greta Olafsdottir

Susan Muska & Greta Olafsdottir, Bless Bless Productions Brief Bio: We have been making documentary films together for fifteen years, about queer and women's issues. Aside from "Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement," these include "The Brandon Teena Story" (1998), "Through the Lens: Sigrid ZoÎga & August Sander" (2000), "Women the Forgotten Face of War" (2002), and presently working on two documentaries, one in Iceland called "Girls Gone Bad" about women involved in a Salvation Army abuse scandal that was hushed up, and a feature documentary about the lives of Daniel and Philip Berrigan (an exception to the queer-women theme). We are attracted to stories of individuals thriving (or not) in the face of discrimination and the fleshing out of these histories to bring issues alive. We met Edie and Thea by coincidence and were very drawn to their desire to get married despite significant hurdles, like being ill and quadriplegic and having to travel to Canada as the nearest spot offering recognized civil marriage to same-sex couples. We also both teach at the university and community college level, and Greta is an advisor to the Icelandic Film Center about documentary and narrative short films.