System I, General Schematics

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Experimental Television Center, Binghamton, NY (1978)




System I, General Schematics. Sync Distribution: Pulse Distribution and Subcarrier Distribution (09.78). Sync Panel on Back of Rack, Sync System Diagram (block diagram), and list of work involved. Detail of Sync Distribution Amplifier. Main System Sync Distribution. Output Amplifier. Jones Output Amplifier, S.C. Sync Section. Jones Output Amplifer schematics and connector list. Jones Output Amplifier, Sync Add Section. Jones Output Amplifier, Video Section. Output Amplifier #1 (04.1979, original). Output Amp. #1, Phase Shift for Subcarrier (04.79). Standard Output Amplifier, Edge Connector, Signal Designations (03.79). Output Amplifier #2 (04.79). 0002 Current Buffers in Output Amplifier #2 (04.79). Discreet 0002 Current Buffer Video Line Driver (09.78). DC Coupled Video Line- converts +/ - 5V Control Signal to Standard Video (09.78). Video Distribution Amplifier (09.78). Auxiliary Output Board Connector list. Output Amplifier Rack P.S. (at school). System 1 Matrix list. Cherry Switch Matrix: Signal Sources and Destinations. Video Line. Processor Bank Ramp and Inverter Card list. Channel 5 and Main Paik-Abe (3 channels identical). System 1 Control Panel.

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