Tarja Nieminen

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Fulbright Scholar, School of Visual Arts; The University of Art and Design, Helsinki. Awards from The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Paulo Cultural Foundation, Finland, Ministry of Education in Finland/ National Cultural Grants Section: Production grants for multicultural projects. Freelance design consultation for The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg; The City of Helsinki/Cultural Festivals; Lahti Institute of Design. Education: 1978-79 Orivesi Institute/Fine Arts Finland, Europe 1979-87 The University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland Degree: MFA Department of Visual Communication (Graphic Arts, Photography, Film) 1985 The Academy for Dramatic Arts, Prague, Czechoslovakia Faculty of Film and Television (FAMU) artistic photography and film 5 months on a study grant awarded by the Ministry of Education in Finland as a part of cultural exchange program 1991- The University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland Post Graduate studies: Department of Visual Communication and Research Institute/Doctorate Program 1991-93, spring 1994 Fulbright Scholar in the United States: The School of Visual Arts/Film Department New York City (film directing, video, computer arts) independent research 1994: The University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland Training Center: Multimedia Production Grants and awards include: 1985 Ministry of Education, Finland 1991, 1993 The University of Art and Design 1991 FUSEEC/Finland-U.S. Educational Exchange Commission: ASLA/Fulbright Graduate Grant for studies in the United States 1994 The Finnish Cultural Foundation: Visual Artist Grant for video art project in New York City, USA 1994 Paulo Cultural Foundation, Finland 1997, 1998, 1999 Ministry of Education in Finland/ National Cultural Grants Section: production grants Work experience: independent artistic activity: media arts, film/video freelance design artist: photography, graphic design, picture editing, illustrations, exhibition architecture and audiovisual programs since 1982 mainly for cultural institutes. Clients include eg: The Nordic Arts Center (financed by all Scandinavian countries) ATENEUM/The Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland Rauma Art Museum, Rauma, Finland V‰inö Aaltonen Art Museum, Turku, Finland The Hunting Museum of Finland in collaboration with the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia: The Imperial Hunt: Sporting Guns and Accessories of the Russian Czars (head exhibition architect and designer) The Sport Museum of Finland The City of Helsinki/Cultural Festivals Kynamies/Design Studio Science 2000 magazine The Ministry of Education, Finland: LIKES/Foundation for Promotion of Physical Culture and Health (conceptual and visual design for their campaigns) Oy Veikkaus Ab Versoul Ltd Lahti Institute of Design detailed list upon request In addition, part-time teaching (visual communication, graphic arts, design and new media) at art colleges in Finland. Films and videos: Krotti 1987 Water Street 1989 Mirrors 1992 The Well 1992 The Magician 1993 Nails Nails Nails 1994 Frogman 1997 Aika 1999 Albino 2001 New York Candy Box (at editing stage)