Tarja Nieminen

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Education: 1978-79 Orivesi Institute/Fine Arts Finland, Europe 1979-87 The University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland Degree: MFA Department of Visual Communication (Graphic Arts, Photography, Film) 1985 The Academy for Dramatic Arts, Prague, Czechoslovakia; Faculty of Film and Television (FAMU): artistic photography and film 5 months on a study grant awarded by the Ministry of Education in Finland as a part of cultural exchange program 1991- The University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland Post Graduate Studies: Department of Visual Communication and Research Institute/Doctorate Program 1991-93, spring 1994 Fulbright Scholar in The United States: The School of Visual Arts/Film Department New York City (film directing, video, computer arts) independent research 1994 The University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland Training Center: Multimedia Production Grants and Awards Include: 1985 Ministry of Education, Finland 1991, 1993 The University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland 1991 FUSEEC/Finland-U.S. Educational Exchange Commission: ASLA/Fulbright Graduate Grant for studies in The United States 1994 The Finnish Cultural Foundation: Visual Artist Grant for video art project in New York City, USA 1994 Paulo Cultural Foundation, Finland: Visual Arts Grant 1997, 1998, 1999 Ministry of Education in Finland/Cultural Section: Production grant in three parts for a project on multiculturalism, for scripting and producing a film for children titled (working title) "ALBINO". A work in progress. Work Experience: independent artistic activity: media arts, film/video freelance design artist: photography, graphic design, picture editing, illustrations, exhibition architecture and audiovisual programs since 1982 mainly for cultural institutes. Clients include eg.: The Nordic Arts Center (financed by all Scandinavian countries) ATENEUM/The Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki , Finland Rauma Art Museum, Rauma, Finland V‰inö Aaltonen Art Museum, Turku, Finland The Hunting Museum of Finland in collaboration with The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia: The Imperial Hunt: Sporting Guns and Accessories of the Russian Czars (head exhibition architect and designer) The Sport Museum of Finland The City of Helsinki/Cultural Festivals Kyn‰mies/Design Studio Science 2000- magazine The Ministry of Education, Finland LIKES/Foundation for Promotion of Physical Culture and Health (visual and conceptual design for their campaigns) Oy Veikkaus Ab Versoul Ltd Present: Lahti Polytechnic/Institute of Design, Finland: Head of Department 1995 - (until July 2001) Department of Graphic Arts and Design, I also teach classes in visual communication, graphic arts and design and new media (multimedia department).