Tekscope. Volume 10, Number 3.

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Tektronix., Beavertown, OR (1978)




Cover: The finger pattern on the SAW filter substrate is fine enough to serve as a diffraction grating as depicted in this photo of a photomask containing three SAW filter patterns. Contents include An Ultra-Stable Precision Demodulator for the Television Broadcaster, Spectrum Analyzer Applications in Baseband Measurements, and a 24 MHz Nyquist SAW Filter for the 1450 Demodulator. Block diagrams and illustrations, in bright red, are quickly brought to the eyes' attention throughout the pamphlet. New Products unveils SC 503 10 MHz Storage Oscilloscope, Bistable Storage for TM 500, DC 508 1 GHz Frequency Counter, A GHz Counter for TM 500, and the 634 Video Display Monitor, Three New Monitors that Broaden Your Price/ Performance Choice.

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