Tim Portlock

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Tim Portlock is a visual artist who creates work in a range of mediums. For several years he has developed projects using real-time 3d technology. His digital work has ranged from virtual realty interactive narratives to 3d simulations of historic spaces. He has exhibited at Ars Electronica, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and ISEA in Nagoya Japan as well as other venues in Europe and North America. Tim's most recent projects include Virtual Montmartre, a virtual cultural heritage project for the Université Paris IV In September 2005 Portlock also exhibited "A History of the Future", a set of mural scale computer generated and hand drawn images in the Afro-Futurism group exhibition at the Soap Factory alternative space in Minneapolis. He graduated with an MFA in Art and Design from the University of Chicago and an MFA for Electronic Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Tim received a Finishing Funds 2006 award from the Experimental Television Center.