Tod Foley

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Tod Foley is a game designer and interactive developer who's been exploring emergent narrative systems since the 90s.

He is the author of "DayTrippers" (a surreal science-fiction reality-hopping RPG), "Watch the World Die" (a collaborative apocalypse-generation game), "CyberSpace" (an old-school cyberpunk RPG), as well as several RPG systems and adventure modules for Iron Crown Enterprises.

Foley has developed immersive websites, virtual worlds, CD-ROMs, viral marketing and live promotional events for clients including Comedy Central, 20th Century Fox Films, Sony/Epic Records, Times-Mirror Magazines, Walt Disney Records, Revelations Entertainment, The WELL and The Electronic Cafe International. In the 90s, Foley produced several large-scale semi-scripted narrative experiences called "Hypertheater" events, including "Ghosts in the Machine" (CyberArts International, 1992).