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I made my first video in 1968 while a student at San Francisco State College. The two inch quad tape was edited as a 16 mm kinescope and was released as The Leap in 1969. It was then released by Universal Pictures in 35 mm as part of their Kinetic Art program of collected shorts. Other video works edited in this manner include Fall, 1971; Outta Space (1978) and Off On, 1968 made with Scott Bartlett and others. The soundtrack for Fall was made at the Electronic Music Studio of SUNY/Albany (Joel Chadabe, Director) in 1971, and I stayed on working there until 1978 using music synthesizers to produce abstract motion graphics as well as the university's regular media video for my brand of pantomime. The latter style is exampled by Multiple Identity Marathon which had a voice track recorded at the Synapse facilities in Syracuse and mime performed by members of Electronic Body Arts, the dance company in Albany -- my umbrella organization from 1978-83. In 1972 I was teaching at the Media Study Center in Buffalo when I met Vibeke Sorensen who today heads the USC Dept. of Animation. With our primary base of operations in Albany, we were collaborators for the next decade. In 1978 we met Dean Winkler at R.P.I. in Troy where we set up the Video Synthesis Laboratory. Later the three of us formed the working group, WTV and realized a series of music video and abstract pieces using facilities at Teletronics, EUE-Video, and R.P.I. Today Dean is President of Post Perfect in NYC. Along with my work as an artist, I was interested in the development of technology. In 1975 I built an interface for a PDP-11 that was able to read musical scores in skyline notation. This led to development of a tracking chroma key system in 1977 which I dubbed Pantomation. Today it would be called motion capture. First developed on a PDP-8L, Pantomation was ported to an Apple II platform in 1983. It was then used with the Raytel Laser Light Show and The KoMotion pantomime company in live performances through 1987. At that time I received a method patent in optics which became my chief preoccupation and has led to development of a unique 3D scanner based on diffraction. I teach as an adjunct at Dutchess Community College in the Art and Communications programs. I have been living for the past 11 years in Ancramdale, NY in the south east corner of Columbia County. My wife, Beverly, is a native of Buffalo, received her MFA in Computer Graphics from R.I.T. and met me as a laser light show animator in Troy, NY. Our little Ditto, David, was born in 1996. THOMAS DITTO Artist/Inventor/Teacher Born: Thomas David DeWitt August 1944, New York City (NYC) Changed surname to Ditto at marriage. Married the former Beverly J. Botto on July 14, 1994 One child, David DeWitt Ditto, born October 27, 1996 Formal Education *1958-62 Oakwood School, Poughkeepsie, NY (Diploma) *1962-64 Columbia College, NYC *1966-68 San Francisco State College (B.A., Industrial Design) Professional Employment *1984-87 Vice-President for Research, Raytel, Inc., Troy, NY *1987-93 Research Associate, DeWitt Brothers Tool Co, Inc., NYC *1993- Vice-President for Research, DeWitt Brothers Tool Co, Inc., NYC Academic Affiliations *1975-82 Adjunct Research Associate, Electronic Music Studio, State University of NY at Albany (SUNYA) *1982-87 Adjunct Research Associate, Image Processing Laboratory, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Trade Apprenticeships *1965 Apprentice to Stan Vanderbeek, artist *1969 Motion Picture Film Technician, Columbia College *1971 Optical Printer Technician, Film Strip Lab, NYC Teaching Experience *1971 Central Michigan University, "Minority Workshop in Radio, Television & Film," with Dr. Robert Manning * 1972 Northern Michigan University, "Video Production," * Antioch/Center for Understanding Media, "Advanced Film Production," with Dr. Gerald O'Grady *State University of NY at Buffalo/ Media Study, "Introduction to Video" * 1973 Danmarks Radio/TV Byen, Copenhagen, "Video Synthesis Workshop," with Ronald Nameth *1976-7 State University of NY at Albany (SUNYA), School of General Studies, "Video Art," with Vibeke Sorensen * 1979 RPI, Dept. of Language, Literature and Communications, "Video Art," with Dr. George Barnett * 1981 RPI, Dept of the Arts, "Principles of Motion Media" * 1985 RPI, Dept. of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering, "Image Recording Laboratory" *1991- D.C.C., Dept. of Communication, Performing and Visual Arts; Animation, Digital Photo Compositing & Advanced Video Production Lectures with Media Presentation since 1971 Anthology Film Archives ? Art Center College of Design ? Art Institute of Chicago ? Bard College ? Belgian Film Archive ? Berks Filmmakers ? Boston Film and Video Foundation ? California College of Arts and Crafts ? California Institute of the Arts ? Calumet College (Indiana) ? Catskill Center for Photography ? Central Michigan University ? The Cinematheque (San Francisco) ? City University of NY (CUNY) ? Columbia University ? Contemporary Media Study Center (Dayton) ? Cooper Union ? Danish Royal College of Art and Architecture ? Films and Art School/UCLA ? Global Village ? Henie-Onstad Museum ? Hotchkiss School ? Ithaca College ? The Kitchen ? Long Beach State University ? Media Study, Inc. ? Millenium ? Mills College ? M.I.T. ? The Museum of Modern Art (NYC) ? National Association of Media Educators ? National Film Theater (London) ? New York State Library Association ? Pacific Film Archives ? Paul Smith's College ? Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Carnegie Art Museum ? Pratt Institute ? Public Libraries of NYC, New Paltz, Woodstock, Poughkeepsie, and Port Washington ? RPI ? San Francisco Art Institute ? San Francisco State University ? State University of NY (Albany & Buffalo) ? Syracuse niversity ? The Tech Museum of Innovation ? Tyler School of the Arts ? University of Cinncinati ? University of Iowa ? University of Maryland-Baltimore County (UMBC) ? University of New Mexico ? University of Rochester ? Upstate Films ? Utica College ? Vassar College ? Video Free America ? Virginia Commonwealth University ? Walnut Street Theater (Phila.) ? Washington State University ? Yale University Grants and Fellowships 1974 Creative Artist Public Service (CAPS), Video Art Fellowship * Peg Santvoord Foundation, Video Production * New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), WNET/TV Lab residency 1975 * American Film Institute, Film Production * NYSCA, WNET/TV Lab residency * National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Public Media, Fellowship to study electronic technology 1976 * NEA Public Media, WNET/TV Lab residency * NYSCA, Construction of computer vision system for video systems (Pantomation) 1978 * Guggenheim Foundation, Video Fellowship * NEA Media Arts, Video Fellowship 1979 * NEA Media Arts, Workshops in Pantomation at RPI 1980 * CAPS, Video Fellowship 1981 * NEA Media Arts & NYSCA, Research into new methods of image processing and computer animation at RPI 1982 * NYSCA, Festival of Visual Music at New York State Capitol and RPI 1987 * NYSCA, Demonstrations of use of laser art in the instruction of pantomime 1993 * National Science Foundation (NSF), Diffraction Range Finding for 3-D Machine Vision 1994 * New York State Science and Technology Foundation. 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