Ursula Endlicher

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Ursula Endlicher's work resides on the intersection of Internet, performance and multi-media installation. For more than a decade now she has been focusing, with a critical and yet humorous eye, on visualizing the underlying structures of the Web while often anthropomorphizing and enacting its code and languages. Html, the language of the WWW, is used as a tool for choreography. She extends the Web into a "physical" realm via alternative human-machine communication interfaces. Endlicher's recent projects include html_butoh, a web-based participatory performance commissioned by Turbulence.org, which is built on the html-movement-library, a database for small video clips enacting the html language through movement. She created Website Impersonations: The Amazons (.at versus .com), an interactive multi-media installation with real-time web-feed navigable via the "mouse-chair" for which she received a production grant by the Austrian Cultural Forum NY in 2006. A presentation of her web works including Famous For One Spam was commissioned by the Whitney Museum, for artport's monthly features in 2004. Web Performer 1.0 was among the first net art works included into Rhizome's ArtBase in 1999. Endlicher has been invited to No body on this line, a research lab at Tanzquartier, Vienna, Austria, in 2005. She initiated a discussion, web conference and blog about Curating net art with Mobile-Studios.org in 2006. Her work has been shown in Illegal Machines at Art Athena, Greece, at Artists Space, New York, at ReelNY.Web, hosted by thirteen/WNET New York, and presented at the Banff Center for the Arts in Canada. She has lectured about her work in the US and in Europe. Her work can be seen at www.ursenal.net. Born in Vienna, Austria, she lives and works as a "multiple-media" artist in New York since 1993. http://www.ursenal.net