Ursula Endlicher

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Ursula Endlicher's work resides on the intersection of Internet, performance and multi-media installation. Since the mid-90s the Internet has had an impact on her practice, which bridges the Web and physical reality. She uses the Webps 'hidden' languageãits HTML codeãto choreograph performances, visualizes HTML in installations, and translates it into sound. Her work was recently shown at Theater am Neumarkt in Z¸rich, Switzerland; at Quartier21/Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria; at BM-Suma Contemporary Art Center in Istanbul, Turkey; at Woodstreet Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA; at Artists Space, New York, and at the LMCC Swing Space@Seaport in New York. She received commissions from Turbulence.org/New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., and from the Whitney Museum for its artport website. Her work is included in Rhizomeps Art Base, and in the ursula blicke videoarchiv at Kunsthalle Wien, Austria. Endlicher has lectured about her work internationally and has contributed to several publications about net art, performance and interactivity; she discusses these topics on her blog, Curating Netart, which she runs together with Ela Kagel. She was born in Vienna, Austria and lives in New York since 1993. Endlicherps work can be seen at http://www.ursenal.net.