Vanessa Lauria

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I've spent most of my life in upstate NY, growing up in Buffalo, attending Syracuse University and currently residing in Rochester. College afforded me an opportunity to observe a wide variety of art forms. Interested in surface pattern and textiles but wishing to explore more than the traditional folk usage of the medium, I majored in illustration. It wasn't until my junior year at school that I began to take the skills learned in the illustration program and shape a style for myself. I experimented using fibers as a medium, drawing with a needle and sewing machine, painting with the patterns and textures of fabric. After being exposed to avant-garde cinema in the work of Maya Deren and Jan Svankmajer, I began to work on several animation projects. I try to find a simple scene or moment and exploring the details in that moment, adding detail and lot of hidden treasures. The rotoscoping technique is very similar to building a drawing stitch by stitch. I am able to be in total control touching and changing every video frame by hand in a more simplified style. I enjoy being able to experiment with different styles and techniques in animation as much as choosing cross-stitch, embroidery or appliqué for illustration. Vanessa received a Finishing Funds 2006 award from the Experimental Television Center.