Will Redman

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Will Redman is a composer and percussionist living in Buffalo, NY. He has performed as a solo percussionist, with rock and jazz bands such as International Soundscape Internationale and Krill, and with contemporary music ensembles including Augenmusik (a Buffalo-based ensemble devoted to performing graphic scores) of which he is a founding member. Will is also an avid improviser and has been active in improvised and experimental music communities in Buffalo and in his hometown of Baltimore, MD. He has also worked closely with dancers, filmmakers, and video artists. In 1999 Will performed a live improvised score to Mark Street's Sweep at the Maryland Film Festival. In 2003, Will and his wife Joanna Raczynska completed a video with original score entitled The End of Curiosity as a product of their artists' residency at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY.