Wojciech Kosma

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Wojciech Kosma, born 1981 in Poland. Graduated from Sonic Arts, Middlesex University London. Sound artist and freelance programmer. Kosma has developed and created various projects from audiovisual performances and interactive software art to experimental film and music. In his works he challenges music as a medium. He improvises with the technology. He uses computer coding as composing. He connects contemporary music with new media. _ Kosma`s works were commissioned by British Council (with Carey Young), Polish National Television (with A. Gryka and M.Iwata), Uwaga Festival, Unsound Festival. He was performing and exhibiting in "Projet Itinerant" Argentina/France, "Cybersonica 06" UK, "Sonorities" UK, "Trafo Gallery" Hungary, "Expodium" Holland, "Audio Art" Poland, "Uwaga Festival" Germany, "ICA" UK. Guest lecturer on Bauhaus University in Weimar. Awarded mention at the Projet Itinerant Competition "Point de Repere". Works for "The People Speak". Audiovisual documentation of Kosma`s work can be found on: www.wojciechkosma.art.pl