Yael Kanarek

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Yael Kanarek is a new media artist who has been developing her interdisciplinary project World of Awe since 1995. I World of Awe versions 1995, 1997 and 2000 have been added to Rhizome's Artbase. It was selected for the Whitney Biennial 2002 and has been presented at festivals in Brazil, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Israel, Korea, and the USA. Ms. Kanarek is an artist-in-residence at Eyebeam Atelier and Harvestworks. She has been showing her online and offline work internationally. "World of Awe" has been included in festivals in Brazil, France, England, Germany and the USA. The "World of Awe" screen saver is available through "Refresh, the art of the screen saver" on artmuseum.net. Kanarek produces The Upgrade!, a monthly gathering of new media artists and curators, hosted by Eyebeam.