The Cinema as Art

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Penguin Books Ltd., Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England (1965)




The Cinema as Art. Contents follow: Foreword to the First Edition by Sir William Coldstream, Acknowledgments, Introductory Note, Introduction: The Film and Art, Space in Cinema: Scale, Shooting-Angle, Depth, Space in Cinema: Cutting, Camera Movement, Framing, Time in the Cinema: Physical, Psychological, Dramatic, Space-Time in the Cinema, The Surface of Reality: Soft-Focus, Double-Exposure, Negative Image; Decor, Costume, Make-Up; Colour, Lighting, The Fifth Dimension: Sound, The Other Senses: Taste, Touch, and Smell, Reality and Artistic Creation, Appendix A: A Note on Technical Terms, Appendix B: Recent Trends in Film-Making, Bibliography, Index of Directors and Films, and General Index.

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