DayTrippers Core Rules

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Tod Foley


DayTrippers Core Rules, As If Productions, Las Vegas, NV (2015)



The surreal science fiction reality-hopping roleplaying game for smart people.


DayTrippers is a roleplaying game set in a surrealistic near-future science-fiction multiverse, where an assortment of colorful character classes pilot unique machines into dream worlds and pocket universes to retrieve items of unearthly value and bring them back home.

The setting was inspired by the surrealistic fiction of Moebius, Michael Moorcock, Rudy Rucker, Stanley Weinbaum, Jack Vance, and other masters of weirdness.

All Core Rules are included in this volume.

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In a sun-bleached barn outside Sacramento, CA circa 2099, a group of physicists, shady g-men, grad-students, tourists and an array of amateur explorers and nü-gonzo-revivalist writer-dudes gather around a collection of strange vehicles that resemble lunar landers. Each is painted a garish colour and prepped to "slip" into a crazy new plane of existence.

Their mission, in the words of Gene Roddenberry, is to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. These are the voyages of the DayTrippers.