Preliminary Development Report: The Arp Synthesizer

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Tonus, Inc., Newton Highlands, MA (1970)




Preliminary Development Report: The Arp Synthesizer. Duotone, illustrated with photo of system, approx. 75 pages in binder with generic sales cover letter, pricing of system, data sheets on each module which includes functional diagram and technical specifications. Included, unattached to binder: Sample Page from Electronic Music Manual Soon Available From Tonus. "This page: how to set up "voices" with vibrato. A basic patching operation on the Arp Synthesizer." Also, two page personal resume of Paul F. Conly from 1968. Studied with Walter Sear at the Sear Electronic Music Production Studio, NYC. Programmed Moog synthesizer, did fifty hours of work at the Computer Based Laboratory at the Harvard University Department of Psychology in December 1969 using a Moog Synthesizer and a PDP-9T digital computer. "Lothar and the Hand People" website indicates revived interest, photos by Richard Avedon of band-prescient of Robert Longo's "Men in the Cities".(NZ)

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