Preliminary Report of the Committee on Film and Television Resources and Services: Mohonk Conference

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The Mohonk Conference Officially titled the Conference on Regional Development of Film Centers and Services, the Mohonk Conference was organized by the Museum of Modern Art and the Pacific Film Archives. A national conference held February 1973 at Mohonk, NY, attended by about 30 directors of regional media programs. About 33% of participants represented organizations which were not in existence at the time of the writing of the Stanford Report (1967). Most of the participants represented foundations, universities museums and governmental entities; the alternative spaces were not represented. Conference support from Rockefeller Foundation, the John and Mary Markle Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. The report ?The Independent Film Community? was published in 1977. This is a preliminary draft report which was circulated in the field for comment prior to the publication of the report itself.The original eleven members of the Committee included Sam Kula (archiving program at AFI); Geral O'Grady (Media Study Buffalo); Sheldon Renan (Pacific Film Archives); Eileen Bowser (MoMA); James Blue (Filmmakers, and Rice University Film Department); Sally Dixon (Museum of Art, Pittsburgh); John Culkin (Center for Understanding Media); Peter Feinstein (University Film Study Center); Denise Jacobson (Worthwest film and media activities). New members included: Daniel Taradash (screenwriter); Fred Barzyk (WGBH, Boston); David Stewart (CPB); Steina Vasulka (Media artist): John Kuiper (Library of Congress); Frank Daniel (AFI).

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