Serge. Introduction to the Use of the Serge Modular Music System.

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Serge. Introduction to the Use of the Serge Modular Music System. This packet begins by describing the following signals used by the system: DC control, trigger pulse, bi-polar control, and audio signals). The following questions are answered: How are the various signals used?, Where are TRIGGERS to be found on the SERGE?, Where are CONTROL VOLTAGES to be found on the SERGE?. Further diagrams and text offer Examples of Modules which can be Triggered to Produce Envelopes (Envelope Generation, Positive and Negative Slew, Sequencing, and Selecting). Another question answered: How are the Control Voltages Used, and What can they do?, followed diagrams on VC control of an Oscillator's frequency, VC control of the waveshape of an Oscillator, Another example of VC Waveshaping, Variable Push-Width, Amplitude (loudness) Control (using a Gate (VCA)), Linear Amplitude Control, Amplitude Control of a VC by a VC. Continuing on page 16, find out About Slewing through to page 21 where you will find A Few Words about Modulation. The final section describes a Procedure for Adjusting the Tracking of Two or More Modules. The complete packet consists of nearly 30 pages of information.

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