SONY AV-5000 series

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From the SONY AV-5000A Operating Manual

SONY VIDEOCORDER MODEL AV-5000A is a compact, portable video tape recorder that permits color/monochrome television tape recording or live-action picture and sound recording suited for education, training, home entertainment, or a wide variety of other applications.

The AV-5000A uses 1/2-inch video tape and conforms to standard EIA TV and NTSC color TV signal requirements. Tapes are interchangeable between any other SONY AV-Series Videocorder.In addition, sound can be added to prerecorded pictures during playback operation. The playback picture is continuously variable from still frame to less than one-third of normal speed. The skew control adjusts tape tension and the tracking control maintains accurate rotary head tracking when the playback picture is distorted.

SONY AV-5000A with drum cover removed

Power requirements: AC 117V plus/minus 5V, 60 Hzᄆ plus/minus 0.5%
Power consumption : approx. 95 W
Type : EIA Japan type-1 video tape recorder
Color recording system : SONY MCR (Multiple Carrier Recording)system
Video recording system : rotary two head helical scan system, FM recording
Video recording signal: EIA Standard, or 60 Hz field frequency random interlaced, composite video signal NTSC color signal

Video Signals
Input: composite video (sync negative)
0.5-2.0V (p-p), 75 ohms, unbalanced
Output: composite video (sync negative)
1.0V (p-p), 75 ohms, unbalanced

Horizontal resolution : COLOR mode more than 220
MONO mode more than 300
Signal-to-noise ratio : better than 40 dB

Audio Signals
   Input: MIC more thanラ65 dB, 600 ohms, unbalanced
   AUX OdB, 100k ohms, unbalanced
   TV -20 dB, 100k ohms, unbalanced
   Output: OdB, 10k ohms, unbalanced
Frequency response : 80-10,000 Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio: better than 40 dB
Distortion : less than 5% (1 kHz, at rated input level)

Tape Transport
Tape speed : 7 ᄑ ips (inch per second) plus/minus 0.2%
Wow and flutter: less than 0.2% Wrms
Playing time : 60 minutes with SONY Tape V-32

Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions : 18 3/16"(w) x 10 27/32"h) x 15 5/8"(d)
Weight: 55 lb

Supplied Accessories
Reel RH-7V Ac power cord
Head-and-ring cleaner set Splicing tape
Lubricating oil OL-1K Polishing cloth
Optional Accessory Dust cover CVO-5

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SONY AV-5000 series
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