Sony CV-2600 - Simplified 1/2" Skip Field Videocorder

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1968: Sony CV-2600 - Simplified 1/2" Skip Field Videocorder!

The CV-2600 is the last of the CV series from Sony, representing the beginning of a transition from skip field recording machines to the more "advanced", full field recording, AV series machines. The mechanical technology of the CV 2600 was the most advanced of the CV series. It has one control lever to control all the parameters of tape transport, as well as automatic audio & video level controls. It did not provide for tracking control on playback.


From the CV 2600 Owner's Manual

Your new SONY Videocorder 2600 records pictures (video signals) and sound (audio signals). Recording operations are fully automatic and the recorded materials can be played back immediately. When used with a separate SONY video monitor, the Videocorder can tape selected (non-copyrighted) programs for watching at more convenient times. By adding the SONY video camera and microphone you have
a compact production unit for recording live action. This Operating Manual has been prepared to help you make high-quality recordings and to keep your Videocorder in top operating condition. Keep this booklet handy for future

AGC system
Your CV-2600 has automatic control of audio levels as well as video levels. This means that the Videocorder adjusts itself to changing levels of video and audio signals from either the video monitor or camera. These automatic features yield
perfect recordings with very little effort. There is no need to watch level meters, as the automatic circuits maintain optimum video and audio levels for you.

Simple and easy operation
Your CV-2600 can be operated as easily as an ordinary audio-tape recorder. To record, connect the video monitor or video camera, thread the tape as you would on an audio tape recorder. On the Videocorder you need only the following 3-
step operation: 5] Push the Power Switch, [2] hold the Record Button down and [3] set the Function Selector to the [PLAY/REG] position. That's all. The GV-2600 will take care of the rest.

Reliable mechanism
Precisely designed circuits, precision rotating heads and a servo-controlled drive mechanism assure steady clean pictures and sound.

Tape interchangeability
Any tape recorded on the SONY Videocorder CV-200C* series and SONY Portable Videocorder Kit DVK-2400 can be played back on this CV-2600. The tape recorded on this Videocorder can also be played back on any other CV-2000
series Videocorder.
*A11 units with model numbers in the 2000 series.

Compact and lightweight
The easy-to-carry Videocorder is almost the same size as ordinary audio tape recorders, and operates anywhere that 117 volts, 60 Hz house current is available.

Simple connections
A single plug-in type cable completes all connections between the video camera and Videocorder. Single-cable connections also complete connections between the Videocorder and the video monitor.

Specifications ヨ from Owner's Manual

Technical Specifications
Video recording system Rotary (two-heads) helical scan
Recording signal based on American TV standards
Recording time more than 60 minutes, using V-32 tape (2370 ft)
more than 30 minutes, using V-31 tape (1240ft)
Tape speed 7 ᄑ ips (inches per second)
Tape width ᄑ inch
Video input 1.4Vp-p, 75 a (unbalanced)
Output 1.4Vp-p, 75 a (unbalanced)
Resolution more than 220 lines
Signal-to-noise-ratio greater than 40 dB
Audio inputs
Microphone input -65 dB, 600 n (unbalanced)
Auxiliary input -20 dB, high impedance (unbalanced)
Line output 0 dB, high impedance (unbalanced)
Audio frequency range 80ラ10000 Hz
Audio signal-to-noise-ratio greater than 40 dB
Power requirement 117V, 60 Hz
Power consumption 60 watts (65 VA)
Transistors 61
Diodes 23
Dimensions 15 ᄒ (w) x 9 1/16 (h) x 13 3/16 (d)
Weight 31 lb
Standard accessories
Tape V-30, Reel RH-7V,
TV connector (8-pin), AC power cord
Polishing cloth, Splicing tape
Lubricating oil, Cleaning fluid
Head cleaning set

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SONY CV-2600
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