Sony Videocorder EducationalPrice Schedule for CV-2000 Series

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Two Page both sides Black and White Price List with 3 ring binder holes on blue coated stock. Includes price list for: Videocorder: DVK-2400/VCK-2400, CV-2100, TCV-2110, CV-2200, CV-2000D, CV-2000, TCV-2010, TCV-2020, VCK-2100, CVF-4, Camera: VCK-2000, CVF-4A, Monitors: CVM-2300U, CVM-51UWP, CVM-180U, CVM-220U, Videotapes: V-30, V-30D, V-31, V-32, Battery Operated Videocorder Accesories: AC-2400, RP-626, CMA-1, CCJ-1, CCJ-5, CCJ-10, RH-5V, VCT-1, Videocorder Accesories: CVO-2, CVO-3, GC-2, RH7V, RH72V, VDC-1, VI-1, Camera Ensemble Accesories: CCF-10, CCF-25, CCF-50, CMC-1, EC-10M, EC-25M, Lens-214, Lens-507, Lens-VCL-20, MX-600M, PC-1, PC-2, VCS-21, Monitor/TV Receiver Accesories: VDA-2, VMC-1B, VMC-1C, VMC-1D, VMC-10A, VMC-25A, VMC-10B, VMC-25B, VMC-50B. "To use these items, refer to technical information in P.E.T.I-3S" .

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