Sony VO-2800 3/4" cassette player/recorder

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Sony introduced ᄒ" video cassette recorders between 1971 and 1972.
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VO 1600 found in product literature in 1972
VO 1200 found in product literature in 1973
VO 1800 found in product literature in 1974
VO 2800 found in product literature in 1975
VO 2800 found in product literature in 1977

From the Product Literature

A total video production machine, the VO-2800 is an excellent keystone unit for the formation of your communications system. With the addition of one or two cameras, any U-Matic player or player/recorder and this machine, the at-home or in-house video producer has the basis for a compact operational telestudio. Versatility, compatibility and economy.

Because the VO-2800 is so flexible in its functions, its applications are myriad for business, industry and education ... for home video and video art. With it, anyone with a minimum of training can produce an edited color master tape at low cost.

The VO-2800 can be used to record original program material ... it can be used to record off-the-air, closed circuit or other video sources... and, it has the added capability of enabling you to condense and edit original recorded material. Your edited U-Matic cassette can then be duplicated and distributed simply, quickly and inexpensively.

This simplicity of operation and cost efficiency permits the educator, for example, to quickly update and revise necessary data for teacher training programs, learning programs, classroom instruction... and to condense previously recorded programs into entirely new programs with added highlights.

It is an invaluable aid for programming detailed studies of medical procedures, such as surgical techniques, in-take examinations, and hospital orientation generally.

In business and industry, quick distribution of information can bring the highlights of an important sales conference from the home office to the branch offices; on-target programs to your sales staff, dealers, distributors or customers.

In addition, the VO-2800 editing function featuring capstan servo mechanism, also means greater flexibility for the producer of video art, working with an unlimited imagination on a limited budget. The one video machine with all the advantages.

Full NTSC color and monochrome recording with two audio tracks... 3.75 ips economy. .. automatic rewind and replay... feather-touch solenoid controls and logic circuits that allow "non-stop" operation... built-in remote control capabilities (RM-410 remote control unit optional)... integrated circuits for superior reliability... a capstan servo mechanism to guarantee accurate recording and playback of pitch and picture... remarkable signal-to-noise ratio of 45dB and excellent picture resolution for superior performance... extended audio response... and "freeze-frame" viewing with Sony KCA videotape designed especially for the Sony U-Matic Type II. It all adds up to this: the VO-2800 is one important video machine for your communication needs.


Power Requirements: 120 plus/minus 12 Volt AC 60 Hz plus/minus 0.5
Power Consumption: 130 W
Video Recording System: Two-head helical scan system
Luminance: FM
Chroma: Converted Subcarrier Direct Recording
EIA Standard video, NTSC compatible color (American standard color TV system)

Video Signal
   Input: 1.0 + 1.0, -0.5 Volts (p-p) 75 ohms
   Output: 1.0 plus/minus 0.2V p-p 75 ohms
Horizontal Resolution: Mono: 320 lines/ Color: 240 lines
Signal to Noise Ratio: More than 45 dB
Audio Signal
   Input: MIC -60 dB 600 ohms/Line ヨ 10 dB l00 K ohms
   Output: Line -5 dB (2 K ohms)/Monitor -5 dB (2K ohms )
Frequency Response: 50 -15,000 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio: More than 45 dB
Head phone Imp: 8 ohms
Tape Speed: 3-3/4 inch/sec.
Wow & Flutter: Less than 0.2% RMS
Operational Position: Horizontal (plus/minus 30 degrees)
Fast Forward Time: Less than 6 min. (For KC/KCA-60 tape)
Rewind Time: Less than 4 min. (For KC/KCA-60 tape)
Temperature: Storage +14 to +140 degrees F Operation +41 to +104 degrees F

Dimensions: 23-3/8"(W) 9" (H) 16-1/2" (D)

Weight: 75.6 Ibs

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Sony VO-2800
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