Towards a Visual Culture: Education through Television

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Avon Books, a division of the Hearst Corporation, New York, NY (1969)




Towards a Visual Culture: Education through Television. Table of Contents holds a Preface, Introduction: Educating Televiewers by Educating Telecasters, Who makes television programs? What do they need to know?, Chapter 1: The Medium of Television: What are we looking at? What are we teaching with?, Chapter 2: Who are the Viewers? How do we learn? What is growth?, Chapter 3: Television and Education, What should be taught? Who shall we teach it?. Also, Horizontal Programming: Some lessons in light, sound, shapes, the mother tongue, and number, and a story for children in one program, Verticle Programming: Further lessons in sound, with emphasis on music, and an extended examination of how to teach reading on television, Chapter 4: What About Other Ages?, What are the stages of man's awareness? What does each stage need?, Conclusions and Recommendations: What can the future hold?, Appendix A: A New Musical Notation for Television, Appendix B: The Basis for Three More Reading Lessons, and Appendix C: The Signs and Sounds of the English Language.

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