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Beck, Stephen. Direct Video: Electronic Artform for Color Television In National Center for Experimental in Television Reports 3., undated.
[Anonymous]. Cromemco Z-2 in the ETC Studio., undated.
[Anonymous]. Sanyo VTC 7100., undated.
[Anonymous]. Panasonic NV-3020, NV-3020C, NV-3020SD., undated.
[Anonymous]. SONY EV-320 1" Videocorder., undated.
[Anonymous]. Tools by Bill Hearn., undated.
[Anonymous]. SONY CV 2000., undated.
[Anonymous]. Akai VT 150., undated.
[Anonymous]. RCA SelectaVision VCR., undated.
[Anonymous]. 1" reel to reel videotape recorders., undated.
[Anonymous]. SONY EV-310 1" Videocorder., undated.
[Anonymous]. The Videola., undated.
[Anonymous]. SONY CVC 2000., undated.
[Anonymous]. SONY Betamovie BMC-200., undated.

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