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Finishing Funds 2004

The Experimental Television Center is please to announce that Finishing Funds 2004 will support 20 electronic media, film and new media projects, encompassing performances, site-specific installations, interactive DVDs and works for the Web. For 15 years, the program has provided over $200,000 to New York State artists, to assist with the completion of diverse and innovative projects. Four different counties throughout the State are represented, including the upstate communities of Troy and Alfred.

Finishing Funds is supported in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts. With an award in 2004 from mediaThe foundation, Finishing Funds is supporting three special awards for new media and intermedia performance; the awards went to Darrin Martin, John Roach and Jonathan Zalben.

This year’s awards recognize work which is very diverse, encompassing a collaborative video project made in part by young teens in the Arctic, new media and web projects, performances, site specific installations and interactive DVD works, and includes experimental documentary and narrative, hand-processed film, a stereoscopic DVD installation and interactive sonic art. The works address such issues as the place of women in contemporary Turkish society, racial profiling, artists in the French Resistance of WWII, Emma Goldman, binocular vision and binaural hearing, American families of Muslim heritage, African American farmers and the USDA, and the historical legacy of the World Trade Center.

The works in progress have received recognition and support from other organizations including the Individual Artists Program of the New York State Council on the Arts, the Guggenheim Foundation, Harvestworks, Downtown Community TV Center, Eastman Fund, San Francisco Foundation, Battle Creek Foundation, Niagara Council on the Arts, Funding Exchange, and Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto.

This year’s peer review panel was composed of Kathy Brew and Joanna Raczynska.

Amy and Donna Bassin “Doll Houses” – 1950s tin dollhouses become the gallery space for a series of miniature photos and videos screened on small LCD screens disguised as dollhouse TVs. The works explore issues of childhood, memory, fear and loss.

Zoe Beloff “The Ideoplastic Materializations of Eva C.” – A 4 channel stereoscopic DVD installation – a reenactment of a series of séances with the French medium around 1912. Beloff’s work investigates the space where technology intersects with unconscious desire.

Dallas Brennan “Arctic Waltz” – Two young adults struggle to create lives for themselves that encompass both their roots in a traditional indigenous culture and their modern teenage desires. The two young people are given video cameras in order to tell their stories.

Ghen Zando Dennis “The Noise from the Other End of the Line” – A single channel digital video from hand-processed film; a biography of 19th century political figure Emma Goldman’s personal struggle with exile and long-distance correspondence is woven with interpretive images around motion, communication, invention, presence and absence.

Tirtza Even “Counterface” – An interactive installation and the second distinct iteration of a two-fold video project investigating women’s different roles in contemporary Turkish society. With Brian Karl.

Kathleen Foster “Point of Attack” – A documentary chronicling the post-9/11 racial profiling of Arab, Muslim, and South Asian men as part of the government’s War on Terrorism.

Roberto Guerra “Bernard Goodman – Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man” – This portrait of a working class activist turned artist at age 80 shows that it is never too late, and that art is for everyone.

Barbara Hammer “Sisters/ Resisters/ Lovers/ Other” – Visuals and voiceovers in this experimental expanded documentary will bring art, politics and gender identity to the fore as I continue my investigation into artists Claude Cahun and her lover and half-sister Marcel Moore, and the French Resistance during WWII.

Lee Krist “The Big Film Series” – A unique collection of hand processed 35mm films that are filmed and projected using an antique hand cranked motion picture camera and projector. The works, the intersection of kinetic and still image, explore the sublime expression of self in posture and gesture.

Jeffrey Lerer “Manuscript Fragments Found at the Gilbert Hotel” – A 3-D computer animation of 26 fragments, presenting a narrative set in the surreal world of a single room occupancy hotel of the 1950s, imbued with a mood of 1950s noire.

Cynthia Madansky “Devotion” – A semi-autobiographical16mm film which unravels the complex manifestation, contradictions, and intersections of devotion in Istanbul as seen in relation to love, nationalism, and Islam.

Darrin Martin “Monograph in Stereo” – A DVD which is an active investigation into the interdependency of the senses, particularly binocular vision and binaural hearing, and the inequity caused by their unbalanced degradation. The DVD is a non-linear delivery of media components achieved by randomness in authoring. mediaThe foundation

Mitch McCabe “Highway 403, Mile 39” – A 16mm fictional film narrative drawing on the true experiences of a car accident which killed my father

Rohi Mirza “Modern Day Arranged Marriage” – A short 16mm film in which a modern Indian woman and a modern Indian man meet in a cafe for an interview. Will it be coffee or marriage on the menu?

Richard Pell “Don’t Call Me Crazy On The 4th Of July” – A documentary DVD that blends personal interviews with archival footage and text, to form a narrative that meanders through a psychological landscape of humor, conjecture, and disturbing fact.

John Roach “Simultaneous Translation” – This collaborative web work for live audio and video performance, with remote participants in various locations in Europe and the U.S. converges in Madrid, Spain. My performance involves the creation of an audio generating machine. Others achieve transformation of media by software. Net connectivity and net limitations. mediaThe foundation

Sanjna Singh and Pia Sawhney “Out of Status” – A feature length documentary following four American families with Muslim heritage whose lives were dramatically changed after 9/11

Samuael Topiary “The Icarus Project” – A media performance using the narrative and symbolic lens of the Greek myth to understand the historical legacies of New York City and the World Trade Center. The work will be presented at Dance Theater Workshop.

Gabrielle Weiss “The Color of Land” – A one-hour documentary that follows the lives and stories of three African American farmers whose land and livelihoods depend on the civil rights lawsuit protesting years of racist treatment by the USDA.

Jonathan Zalben “Organized Color Intoxication” – Poetry generated by exploiting the inherent flaws in online language translators becomes the basis for music, film, and audience interaction in a performance based in MAX/MSP, Jitter, CSound, and Videodelic. mediaThe foundation

Panelists:    Joanna Raczynska, Buffalo;      Kathy Brew, New York

Program Assistant:     Austin Nichols

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Finishing Funds 2003

Peter Bianco “Games for Two” – a hand-processed 16mm film.

Roddy Bogawa “I was born, but…” – a 16mm film which begins with the death of Joey Ramone and punk music, and becomes a reflection on my life as an artist, and the issue of assimilation of Asian Americans as well as how culture is constituted.

Abigail Child “Cake and Steak” – an hour length series of 16mm films and digital projections that focus on post WW II North American suburbs, critically seen through the lens of colonialism, gender and immigration.

Carrie Dashow “10 Cameras, 60 minutes” – 10 channel video installation, part of a series of video/performance pieces, each involving different numbers of individuals who act as moving cameras, negotiating specific spaces at pre-assigned timecodes, recording the paths they are moving through, the intersections they pass, and the process of finding each other again through a variety of signaling devices.

Tirtza Even “Painted Devil” – an experimental video documentary and interactive installation, investigating women’s roles in contemporary Turkish society. In collaboration with Brian Karl.

Jennifer Fieber “Split Film” – an experimental 16mm film created without a camera, reprinted using a closet, flashlight, and photo chemicals; a boy with a lantern leads you through the looking glass…

David Gatten “Auction of Books: La Plume Volante” – an experimental narrative 16mm film cycle revolving around the history of the Byrd family of Westover, Virginia during the early 18th century.

Gretchen Hogue “Monsters” – an experimental 16mm film – recutting/rephotographing Rosemary’s Baby and The Shining to focus on the female protagonists betrayed by their husbands.

G.H. Hovagimyan “Smart House / Dumb Interactivity” – an interactive DVD, based on recordings of video performances, exploring how a person might engage the interactive house of the future; the furnishings are functional and an extension of hypermedia. Award for New Media and Intermedia Performance from mediaThe foundation.

Shelley Jackson “The Doll Games” – a multi-media cross genre exploration of doll games, through video and web-based media.

Amy Jenkins “Flow” – a DVD video installation which combines video projection, performance, sculpture, and audio, in an autobiographical work about pregnancy.

Diane Ludin “idrunners; re-fleshed” – a montage system for the web, which allows the user to montage media fantasies and trace out meditations that structure a bloated, informatic world drowning in electricity and telecommunication technologies. Award for New Media and Intermedia Performance from mediaThe foundation.

Megan Michalak “How I Cherish These Awkward Moments” – an experimental video series using the camera to explore situations that challenge our expectations of normative experience through investigating the relationship of the performer’s body to the surrounding architectural space.

Prema Murthy “DE-Structure Series” – integrating new media, motion-capture technology and 3D animation the artist will create a series of mudras (ritualistic gestures) in the form of a video installation that examines the philosophical and martial tradition of the bodhisattva warrior. Award for New Media and Intermedia Performance from mediaThe foundation.

Bernard Roddy “Video Drama: The(rapist) Archives” – a 16mm dramatic film emulating the soap opera and its blurring of the pulblic/private realms, and turning on the use of videotape for psychotherapy.

Kathy Rose “Queen of the Fluids” – an experimental voyage into the brain with its poetic irregularities, realized as a performance video with projection.

Marina Rosenfeld “The Emotional Orchestra” – DVD of performance/installation that integrates a live musical score and a multi-channel audio/video installation where musicians intercept signals from audio and video displays and use them to alter the score. Award for New Media and Intermedia Performance from mediaThe foundation.

Brooke Singer and Beatriz da Costa “Swipe” – a new media performance – at an event where alcohol is served, they will ask to see ID, swipe it, and then print out a receipt with all the demographic information about that person that was called up by the swipe. Award for New Media and Intermedia Performance from mediaThe foundation.

Kelly Spivey “Poor White Trash Girl – Class Consciousness” – a 16mm experimental film, a semi-autobiographical animation based on the life of a poor white girl who lives amidst Fisherprice Little People.

Roxanne Wolanczyk “Princess Series” – a flash project for the web depicting the life of a princess who, while imprisoned in a soul-sucking corporate tower, is forced to create coupons for cigarettes and junk mail.

Panelists:    Torsten Z. Burns, New York;    Stephanie Gray, Buffalo

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Finishing Funds 2002

Leesa and Nicole Abahuni, “Chaotic Robotic Synesthesia” – a performance environment investigating a synthesthetic experience, the subjective response normally associated with one sense by stimulation of another; performative elements include 2 infrared robots, 7 human musicians and 2 human animators.

Zoe Beloff, “Claire and Don in Slumberland” – a stereoscopic slide and film projection performance conjuring up spectral scenes, referring to the Phantasmagorias at the end of the 18th century where moving magic lanterns images of the French Revolution were projected onto smoke.

Torsten Burns, “The Bodyspace Program” – a collection of improvisational scenes linked by speculative content… post earth humans exploring family, sexuality, hygiene and humor in fictional space environments and organic/inorganic architectural surroundings.

Abigail Child and Benton Bainbridge, “Subtalk” – a digital response to September 11th and the ensuing period of state surveillance and popular paranoia.

Norman Cowie, “Scenes From an Endless War” – an experimental video work on globalization, militarism and the war against terrorism.

Raul Vincent Enriquez, “ChupaLucha” – a Web animated photonovella examining the collisions between cultural and personal identity. In a struggle to debunk European American marketing speak, the photonovella obsessively negotiates regret.

Stacey Lancaster, “Empire” – from the Trailer Series, this installation performance work uses signal mirrors and walkie talkies as two people define a sense of space – one from the Empire State Building, the other at home in Brooklyn.

Julia Loktev, “Rough House” – an installation which bleeds the line between film and installation, inserting an alternate movie theater into an exhibition space. A hermetically sealed story about a relationship between two people who beat each other up, co-written and co-starring Julia Loktev and Vito Acconci.

Craig Renaud, “A Harlem Tale” – a documentary following the life of Hasib and his girlfriend Ebony in Harlem, as they struggle to raise their developmentally challenged child.

Kathleen Ruiz, “The Ava Project” – a series of trans-media performances and installations exploring the delicate relationship between humanity, technology and creativity.

Taketo Shimada, “Center for Advanced Research in Music and Electronics” – an installation with vinyl, creating a sampled work based on the history of electronic music which will then be used as a tool set to create compositions. The resulting composition will be released on CD by Tellus Media.

Scott Smallwood, “Desert Winds” – a sonic work produced by the winds of the Great Salt Lake Desert, to be presented in performance and installation. The CD will be available on the Deep Listening label.

Mark Street, “Fulton Fish Market” – a lyrical, visually vibrant hand manipulated 16mm film documentary about this teeming New York City market.

Mary Ellen Strom, “Geyser Land” – a site-specific installation that examines the complex set of 19th century cultural forces that contributed to the rapid transformation of the Western US. The audience will experience the work from a moving railroad passenger car, in an investigation of ways in which western mythology lay the groundwork for colonization and development.

Ray Sweeten, “20 Loops” – an LP picture disk based on the isolation of specific sonic and visual elements to focus on the substance of a given sound and to redirect the role of the listener.

Yes Men, “The Horribly Stupid Stunt (Which Has Resulted in His Untimely Death)” – an experimental documentary about a group of global activists who deliver a lecture to a group of high-powered lawyers, who believe they are listening to the World Trade Organization.

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Finishing Funds 2001

Robert Attanasio“belongings” – A mournful music video for missing persons and unclaimed baggage.

Luca Buvoli“Trailer for Not-A-Superhero’s Non-Adventures” – Part of a longer work dealing with an early fascination with the mythology of the superhero, this DVD work mimics and subverts the structure of the trailer by the introduction of complex philosophical issues

Nancy Goldenberg“bedscape” – I escape from my 4th story apartment window and into the streets of NY carrying my bed on my back. A multimedia project with performance, video, installation and a web site.

Stephanie Gray“Is This City Disappearing” – This Super 8 film is a poetic document of the decaying urban landscape in Buffalo.

Thomas Allen Harris“That’s My Face” – An autobiographical documentary, shot on Super 8mm film, exploring black identity in the USA, Brazil and Africa.

Denise Iris“100 Mini Mentals” – This website brings art into the workplace and features 2 short videos each week – mini mentals – for one year.

Jeffrey Lerer“Manuscript Fragments Found at the Gilbert Hotel” – A 3-D computer animation of 26 fragments, presenting a narrative set in the surreal world of a single room occupancy hotel of the 1950s.

Mary Magsamen“A Boy and His Dog” – Based on a story from two points of view and a blurring of the sweetness of childhood and the reality of adulthood

Darrin Martin“The Knocking” – Beginning as a film journal, this DVD transforms to become a channel for the ghosts of history through transportation and architecture.

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy“201: A Space Algorithm” – An interactive CD and Web project which invites the participant to re-edit Kubrick’s science-fiction classic. The work explores experimental narrative cinema as a data base of images, sounds, and concepts.

Vince Mistretta“Medea” – A modern-day telling of Medea. 16mm film.

Ken Montgomery“Inner Eye” – An interactive, audio-only experience for CD, inviting the user to navigate by listening rather than looking.

Yasuaki Nakajima“After the Apocalypse” – A futuristic feature length 16mm film drama about 5 strangers trying to make sense of a New World after a devastating urban catastrophe.

Jenny Perlin“Perseverance and How to Develop It” – An investigation of the connections between depression, self-help, productivity and success in the US. 16mm film.

Eric Rosenzveig“The Appearance Machine” – An autonomous system which perpetually constructs a cinematic space from discarded objects, transmitted as a live video stream.

Koji Tambata“Music Works Live” – A meta-documentary about this series of video works and interactive video/music performance.

Panelists: Chris Borkowski and Jeanne Liotta

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Finishing Funds 2000

Zoe Beloff“Shadow Land or Light from the Other Side” – a stereoscopic film investigation into the relationship between imagination and cinema technology, depicting the experience of a medium, Elizabeth d’Eperance, as a kind of mental projector, conjuring up specters for her clients

Richard Bloes“Night Space” – a laserdisc installation using domestic materials to present a cosmology which explores how technology effects domestic space

Lawrence Brose“Crossing” – experimental film exploring the erotic politics of sailor hazing rituals

Anita Cheng“Daily Dance” – a year-long dance constructed of daily works, presented interactively on the Web

David Crawford“International Velvet” – a Web exploration of the ancient language of flags and the root and future of these visual forms of communication

Brian Frye“Wormwood’s Dog and Monkey Show” – a 16mm film composed of the discarded fragments of films, scraps of leader and laboratory remnants and remains of half-started and abandoned projects by unknown filmmakers

Neil Goldberg“Random Walk” – experimental documentary exploring the cultural, economic and philosophical implications of futures trading

Shalom Gorewitz“IVRI” – a polemic against police brutality – an abstract journey through digital terrain

Barbara Hammer“Culture Doctor” – an experimental film documentary concerning the pre-Stonewall representation of lesbians in popular culture, medicine, science, law and entertainment

Janene Higgins and Zeena Parkins“Arch” – a video/music performance examining the body and its penetration into architecture and the urban landscape

Amy Jenkins“Shelter for Daydreaming” – a video installation focusing on in-betweeness, memory and the psychological and emotional perception of intimate spaces

Jodi Kaplan“Onto” – 16mm dance film, shot beneath a trampoline and exploring the concept of repetition

Jody Lafond“Sigh…” – a coming to terms with my past sexual history, for laughs

Jeanne Liotta“Placid unto Vermont” – a film collaboration between the filmmaker and nature, where natural processes like decay work on the film substance

Michelle Lippitt“Ausencia” – a multimedia performance integrating video and dance, which looks at cultural displacement and nostalgia

Rik Little“Home Invasions” – a documentary about three homesteaders who lost their homes of 10 years, despite legal protections

Dena Mermelstein“Lucy 1974” – a non-traditional narrative and installation, the form and content of which explore excavation of a single female body and the cultural body

Ken Montgomery“One Less Sense” – sound installation created for an experimental theater performance for an audience deprived of sight

Diane Nerwen “Blindspot” – an experimental video work about Jewish prejudice towards Germans, exploring the intersection of media, politics and everyday life.

Megan Roberts and Raymond Ghirardo“Cone Field” – layers of sound and multiple video projections on sculptural objects in a site-specific digital installation

Jason Rosette“Book Wars” – an insider’s documentary look at the richest and most vibrant culture of the American public forum – the world of the NYC street booksellers

Caspar Stracke“Threads” – a video essay in collaboration with Mike Hoolboom, concerning experimental filmmaker Tom Chomont, and the concepts of re-contextualization and appropriation in avant-garde cinema

Maria Venuto“She Sleeps with the Fishes” – an experimental work concerned with issues of control and vulnerability

Jennifer Whitburn“Esperanza” – an installation based on the belief that sound and images can create atmospheres that encourage a strengthening of community and open dialog between peoples of diverse backgrounds

Panelists: Mara Alper and Robert Attanasio

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Finishing Funds 1999

Irit Batsry “Neither There Nor Here” – video and film poetic essay evoking the different meanings of Aplace”, and a voyage into a Ameta-place@

Ericka Beckman “Hiatus” – experimental 16mm narrative film about a young woman who creates an on-line interactive identity game

Rosateresa Castro-Vargas“An Angel Voice in the Subway” – xperimental audio work presenting the truncation of voice by urban environmental sounds

David Crawford“Here and Now” – interactive web project suggesting new relationships within the new interactive telecommunications environment

Terry Cuddy“Dr. Steadfast=s Last Migraine” – absurd narrative video, reading like a post-modern ABartleby the Scrivener@

Pat Doyen“Singsong” – experimental 16mm film about association and memory and their representation

Elif Savas Felsen“Coup!” – documentary film examining military coups in Turkey over the last 40 years.

Rebecca Herman“Easy-to-Draw Dictators” – an examination of systems of learning, and the subtle relationships between image, mode of presentation and authority

Hey-Yeun Jang“Recycle” – experimental 16mm film about the confusion of identity during pregnancy

Ken Kobland“Arise! Walk Dog Eat Donut” – landscape study about going on, getting by, aging, losing friends, working, looking back and looking ahead

Megan Michalak“Event-Horizon” – culled from found footage and science films, the work examines ways in which technology fragments our sense of space

Jamie Mirabella“S.O.S” – the reception of knowledge, commonplace information exchange and the development of beliefs as they occur in everyday life

Prema Murthy“Flicker” – interactive video and sound installation, a metaphor for the bi-polar relationship we have with technology

Sarah Pierce“The Remorse of Synchronic Space” – a video channel video installation exploring filmic narrative and cinematic gesture

John Roach and James Rouvelle“Theoretically Yours” – an artwork for pedestrian, disposable object and transmitter

Mark Shepard“Industrian Pilz*/Pilzcontainer” – interactive, site-specific installation presenting the post-unification organizational strategies in an industrial zone of West Germany

Michael Smith and Joshua White“Open House” – a large scale video installation recreating a video art exhibition in a Soho loft, recently up for sale

Panel: Ghen Dennis and Kristin Lucas

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Finishing Funds 1998

Alan Berliner“Found Sound” – A downloadable and playable interactive sonic art project for the web. Additional support from New Television’s NTV Artbytes project.

Anita Cheng“The Secret Sharer” – A duet performance of a dancer with herself through a digital video exploration of time displacement between live and recorded dance performance.

Abigail Child“The Russian Chronicles” – Bending montage to expand its shape out of the ideological, incorporating ambiguity, daily life, satire and critical analysis within a musical structure, the video references the city symphonies of the 1920s, specifically Dziga Vertov’s classic Man With a Movie Camera (1928), but inversely – coming at the end of the century and the Soviet era. Additional support from a Fulbright Fellowship and the Banff Center.

Cathy Cook“Beyond Voluntary Control” – An experimental 16mm film which explores the experience of confinement due to physical and psychological illness. Additional support from NYSCA.

Ann Curran“Transmission” – A 16mm film which explores the myth surrounding the exploits of immigrant cook Mary Mallon, Typhoid Mary.

Lisa DiLillo“Para(sight)” – An exploration of the idea of transcending borders – that of country, politics, philosophy and self/body.

Doorika“The Forgery” – A collaborative multi-media theater project, recontextualizing the notion of real time and place and marrying process with artifice of theater and cinema conventions, staged for live audience and camera.

Tirtza Even“Blind” – A multi-monitor installation exploring the visual representation of the tension between public and private space

Taryn FitzGerald” In Your Quiet Little Way” – An experimental narrative video work about the nature of repression and its connection to compulsive behavior.

Neil Goldberg“One Turning” – A video installation which represents the disorientation caused by a ride on the Cyclone at Coney Island, through images of hand gestures which accompanied the retelling of the experience by riders.

Amy Jenkins“Trapped Wasp” – A video installation focusing on memory and personal relationships people form with objects and places.

Les Leveque and Diane Nerwen “Dissing DARE: Education as Spectacle” – While grounded in the specificity of DARE, the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program widely presented in the public schools nationwide, this video work is an allegorical rant about the cultural dominance of image over substance, hysteria over reason.

Michelle Lippitt“Box for Keeping” – A video-based exploration of emotional landscapes of containment and isolation, intensely personal and sensual

Jillian McDonald“Chocolate 1-4” – A four channel installation that speaks of consumption, sensuality and body, referring to bodily chaos, order and pleasurable perversity using the icons of figure and chocolate

Ioannis Mookas“Only Human” – A documentary/dramatic video that examines how the prolonged psychological impact of AIDS affects the ability of uninfected gay men to sustain HIV risk-reduction practices and stay negative over a lifetime. Additional support from the Wexner Center, Art Matters, the Jerome Foundation, the Calvin Klein Foundation, the McAlpin Charitable Trust, the NY Community Trust, and the Stonewall Community Foundation.

Greg Pak“Po Mo Knock Knock” – A 16mm film featuring a pair of tortured artistes confronting the impossibility of communication by telling post-modern knock-knock jokes.

Brent Renaud“Cambodia, Year 1998” – An experimental digital video documentary about Cambodia today, allowing the subjects to speak for themselves and featuring access to rarely filmed and off-limits locations

Panel: Barbara Lattanzi and Vincent Grenier

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Finishing Funds 1997

Diane Brown“Lila, Eight to Twelve” – a video documentary centering on the the artist’s niece and her pre-adolescent years, a time of passionate feelings as well as a strong sense of loss

Luca Buvoli“Not a Superhero” – a playful exploration of identity, displayed as an installation on a 1950s tv set, in conjunction with hand-made movie-posters

Ethan Crenson“Addendum” – a twist on my installation Fission, a visualization using mousetraps and ping pong balls, with a documentary presentation which begs the question of science

Genevieve Boutet de Monvel“The Lilac Sniffers” – a video exploration of how the sense of smell monitors our behavior and brings us to the immediacy of our deepest memories

Roz Dimon“Spiritual Advertisements” – animated ads featured on the artist’s web site,, which mock the importance we assign our every day products. These ads are humorous (“Coke Cures Depression”) but serious explorations combining new media (shockwave technology) with the classical traditions of art (painting, drawing).

Elvira Garcia-Moran & Dolores Zorreguieta“Through the Wound” – a multi-media interactive CD Rom project addressing the emotional world of a woman and her artistic work

Amy Hufnagel“Hang Ups” – a video, part of a larger body of 2-D and installation art, which ponders the place of telecommunication networks and the electronic landscape within our sense of community

Amy Jenkins“Closures” – a video narrative, in chapters, of growing up, moving in and out of a world simultaneously lilliputian and giant, in which we are both child and adult

Sue Johnson“Chant” – a real-time collaboration among participants on the internet, using the experience of group chanting to “be” in cyberspace, rather than to “act”

Jinhan Ko“Pet Stories, Hardcore Omnivores andCowboy Angst” – a short video in which Jin’s Banana House wants to know how we can be bored when television is filled with dating game shows and the internet is filled with shopping networks.

Jody Lafond“From Time to Time” – a tongue-in-cheek look at reincarnation, as a woman from the future undergoes past life regression to the present to resolve a romantic conflict

Rik Little“From Slumlord to Shooting Myself (You’ve Got to Move)” – a personal video documentary of a tenant/filmmaker (myself) being constructively evicted from my apartment and neighborhood of 17 years

Abby Luby“Voices from History: The Robeson Riots” – a video documentary concerning the Peekskill riots, events in 1949 surrounding the concert of Paul Robeson and reflecting the social and political climate of the McCarthy era to come

Jonathan Mednick“John Eric Broaddus” – a film documentary about the work of the renown book artist, providing an unsentimental look at the harsh commercial realities faced by today’s artists as well as the AIDS pandemic

Casandra Stark Mele“Parades of Crazy” – a film in four parts, a poem of sorts, inspired by “visionary” filmmakers such as Sidney Peterson and Maya Deren

Uzi Parnes“Tyland Honeymoon” – a video diary, travelogue and confessional, part of the trilogy Ginger Vitas

Daniel Peddle“Last Things” – a ride on New York’s subway, as seen only through reflections in the windows, and through the meditations by a child on the often prosaic things that will last

Esther Podemski“House of the World” – a narrative film portraying the responses of an American second-generation holocaust survivor to the rescue of a cemetery in Poland, the burial place of Jews who died in the war

John Roach“Pageturners” – a video installation using found and lo-tech materials to portray the history of the materials and a disjuncture between images, sounds and their sources

Christine Russo“Virgin of the Sea” – an experimental film narrative which follows a woman and a mermaid on a voyage of self-discovery and sexual awakening

Lynn Sachs“A Biography of Lilith” – a film, a modern day passion play and a performance by three characters in an overgrown backyard

Keith Sanborn“The Gift” – an experimental film essay on architectural excess, with its aim not functional shelter but conspicuous destruction of wealth

Huy Troung“We Can’t Have a Revolution in the Rain” – a film illustrating the worst loss faced by those who fight for a better society, the destruction of spirit

Gail Vachon“Ruby in the City” – a video animation for film, portraying an old woman who lives alone

Panel: Pia Cseri-Briones and Jim Hubbard

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Finishing Funds 1996

Shawn Atkins“Frame by Frame Fierce” – An experimental 35mm film project, using animation techniques to attack the problem of rising HIV infection among teens

Lisa Barnstone“The Inventor” – A 16mm narrative film project exploring concepts of ecological disaster

Zoe Beloff “Beyond” – An interactive work for CD ROM which grew out of an episodic movie serial designed for the World Wide Web; a playful philosophical inquiry into the paradoxes of technology and imagination

Alan Berliner“Found Sound” – A mixed media installation investigating contemporary mass media. Critical Mass activates the newspaper page as cubist space; Audiofile and Aviary are interactive sculptures wherein participants can compose sound collages; The Red Thread explores the transformation of electrical energy into light and sound

Diane Bertolo“Probing into Science” – An interactive CD ROM investigating the language of science and the language of interactivity. It is a computer artifact, a science fetish, a semiotic drift, an algorithmic poem

Bill and Mary Buchen“Elements of Sound” – A video and audio exploration of sound and its metaphorical relationship to the five elements – earth, water, fire, air and space

Veena Cabreros-Sud“Stretchmark” – A super-8 film study, raw and intimate, of the interior life of a single mother

Tirtza Even“Color Blind” – One of a series of works which explore the visual representation of the tension between public and private space, using a metaphor of layers or shells; for CD ROM

Emmanuel Fuentebella“Pepe’s Letters” – A 35mm feature film about a Filipino journalist; a modern adaptation of the true story of Jose “Pepe” Rizal who was executed for his role in the Philippine revolution against Spain

Neil Goldberg“Hallelujah Anyway” – A large scale video installation about labor and longing, pleasure and loss, across class and community lines

Jane Greenberg” Second Generation” – A video portrait of an adult child of members of the Unification Church; this generation of members is believed by the theology to be perfect and sinless

Bob Harris“Untitled” – A video about cars, obsession, memory and desire

Shelley Hirsch“For Jerry” – A series of multi-sited virtual duets with Jerry Hunt, the brilliant electronic music composer and visionary who died in 1993

John Knecht“The POXIOX Study (Tales of the End of the World)” – A computer animation, part of an on-going series on destiny and the afterlife, which provides a fantasy in image, sound and text based on study of various religions and their views on the hereafter

Richard Kostelanetz“Video Poems, Video Fictions” – Two tapes, one of poetry, the condensation of language and effect, and one of fiction, suggesting movement from place to place

Jeffrey Lerer“The Codger Twins” – A computer animation, an intimate story of elderly twins, sharing a domestic environment but wrangling over everything; the level of chaos within the world is wholly dependent on the emotional dynamic between the characters.

Jeanne Liotta“Valiantly She Tried to Explain What Lay Behind the Flimsy Trappings” – Quicktime movie chapters of a “book” which takes its title from a girl’s mystery novel of the 1940s, re-worked as a tale of the illusionistic nature of working with images, a new detective story about light and dark

Tatiana Loureiro“The Tool Box” – A personal animation story about a worker and his tools

Hsian-Fu Lu“Make-Up Show” – A collective action and documentary to raise level of public awareness about abuse and violence, using “make-up” as a metaphor for the culture’s imperative to deny the reality of violence

Frederick Rendina“Utopia” – A 16mm comic exploration of the power of negative emotion

Elizabeth Rodgers“The Exodus 1947 Project” – A 60 minute documentary film on the secret history surrounding the 1947 voyage, and America’s influence on the struggle for Jewish statehood

Sasha Sumner and Robin Perl“Jelly Belly” – A computer music video addressing the controversy which surrounds abortion

Neil Zusman“Early Works” – The restoration and reworking of 1970s videos, assembled to create a dialogue among the works

Panel: Peer Bode and Ken Jacobs

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Finishing Funds 1995

Marika Blossfeldt “Moon Pulse” is a collaborative project with Estonian television, and recounts a presonal story of the death of a mother during childbirth through poetry, music and dance. It has received support from ArtsLink and Estonian Television Network.

Tania Cypriano“ODO YA!: Fighting AIDS” is a video documentary about the Afro-Brazilian religion and culture of Candomble, and how it has been affected by the AIDS epidemic. This project has received support from the National Latino Communication Center, a NYFA Fellowship and Downtown Community TV Center.

Genevieve de Monvel Hayes“Sierrita al flor” is a video document of the traditional quest for a sacred flower by the indigenous people of Veracruz, Mexico. Because the procession and collection are open only to men, the work explores concepts of ritual and religion as well as gender. It has been supported with an International Travel grant

Tom DeWitt Ditto“Feed the Fire” is a computer-animated 3D video using a musical track by Happy Rhodes. The perceptual stereopsis is achieved with the Pulfrich method which is compatible with conventional monocular television.

Carl Geiger and Amy Hufnagel“Vista Fuel” is what happens when two artists make television. Geiger and Hufnagel work collaboratively to merge nature with culture, critique with story telling, essay with animation, mixing documentary, social issues, narratives and compute-based images and sounds into a program designed for broadcast television.

Grupo Picata Group“Tragedy for Three and One Observer” is a multi-media theater piece based on a Spanish language novel. The theater work uses video imagery to narrate the highly poetic prose story. The work has received support from the Joyce Mertz-Gilmore Foundation.

Sigrid Hackenberg“grass, flores, schoenes wasser/kleines wasser” are three video projection sculptures taking landscape as subject. The works are observations of time and place, and documentations of the poetics of the everyday.

Jody Lafond“In the Spring, After the War, I Became a Socialist…” is a three part exploration of politics, global economics and sexual politics.

Simon Leung“Warren Piece” is a multi-media project using three channel video installation as its central component. Based on the story of writer Warren Niesluchowski, who became a deserter in the Army during the Vietnam War, it explores how that war reshaped America’s notions of masculinity and nationalism.

Judith Lieff“Duties of My Heart” physicalizes the spoken word through American Sign Language and dance. The work is based on a conjunction of video, dance and poetry.

Henry Linhart“Blissville” is the story of a small town in Queens which survives in the literal shadow of midtown Manhattan. It is a reflection on community, diversity, idiosyncracy, cultural weavings, assimilation and power. The project received support from the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Michelle Lippitt“(Navigating) The Physiology of Memory” looks at the relationship between memory and identity, and the inevitable distortion of personal history that results.

Amy Lisewski“Molasses Cookies and the Star Wars Treatment” is an interactive CD-Rom based on a personal history of childhood cancer. The storybook serves as the thread, with the look of a kid’s journal. It helps weaves other layers involving personal experiences, information and games.

Rik Little“The Church of Shooting Yourself” is a narrative based on an individual making/shooting a document of his life – his entire waking life. It is a comedy based on a person’s abject terror of the unknown, and points at how reality is validated only by its image on television.

Jason Longo“Small Town America” is a ten-part documentary series which presents individual portraits of local characters and personas. It employs informal cinema verite style camera work, and through interviews and events gives the viewer insight into the lives of these individuals.

Bob Madey“Kings, Lovers and Thieves” explores the ways of knowing and apprehending a changing world through examination of the roadside opera of India, Nautanki. The project has received support from Arts International.

Rohesia Hamilton-Metcalfe“If Spring, and Hope, Then Also Winter” is an experimental work exploring relationships between death, loss, decay and our humanity – the fragility and force of ideas.

Liss Platt“Tongue in Chic: (Un)making Porn”, a collaboration with Diane Bonder, is a parody of explicit sexual representations, particularly those produced by the lesbian community. The project has been supported with an access grant from Film/Video Arts.

Nelson Ryland“The Warmth of My Home” is a documentary revealing the recent turbulent history of an isolated Muslim community in the Balkans through the autobiographical stories of a 27 year old beautician. The artist received a Fullbright Scholarship for work on this project.

Michael Schell and 77 Hz“Telephone Calls to the Dead” is an experimental videotape originally begun in collaboration with composer/performer/mystic Jerry Hunt, and now dedicated to his memory. It draws from documentary and portraiture traditions and alternates between passages featuring Hunt himself and stylized montages.

Duston Spear“Three Women in Black” is an interdisciplinary-multi-installation-protest piece originally created in response to the atrocities in the former Yugoslavia, specifically the war crimes against women. It points a visual finger at violence and prejudice everywhere through site-specific installations. The project has received support from Art Matters.

Kristin Tripp“Command V” is a meditation of the popular conception of “victim”. By layering and pasting together information from various sources, the work explores the roll of the camera and computer in the formation of the idea of “victim” in the public conscious.

Deborah Wasserman“Savage Crops” deals with anorexia. It is an autobiographical narrative, with imagery and sound the principle carriers of messages of aggression, harshness, coldness and detachment.

Cathy Weis“A String of Lies” encourages audiences to consider the nature and authenticity of video images. The project has performance and workshop components, presenting explorations of light and movement, technology and the human body. It allows an observer to perform with pre-recorded images and to mix his/her own images with that of another person. The project has received support from Performance Space 122, the Vermont Council for the Arts and the New England Foundation.

Suikang Zhao“Alternative Polyphonic Realities” is a video projection and sound installation which explores cultural similarity and difference. The piece is primarily digitally generated, and as an installation uses two alternate projections with sound, both of which are computer-controlled. The alternative two sources of image and sound create overlapping texts between the different groups.

Panel: Bob Harris and Steina Vasulka

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Finishing Funds 1994

Pat Abt “Requiem Songs: For the Victims of Nationalism”
Vivek Renjen Bald“Taxi-vala”
Don Bernier“Suture”
David Blair“Wax: The Discovery of Television Among the Bees”
Steve Bradley“Liberty and Justice for (which)all(?)”
Lawrence Brose“CAGE: A FilmicCircus”
Yau Ching“Video Letters”
Ron Ehmke & Richard Wicka“Snap Judgments”
John Ewing“The Castle is Burning”
Chuck Furoyœ “Thunderbird Theatre”
Marc Gordon“Wayne County Artisans”
Vincent Grenier“Feet”
Pamela Hawkins“Purpose, Integrity and Survival Mechanisms”
Denise Iris“Booyaka!”
Carol Kalil“The Electronic Magic Lantern Show”
Grace Lee“Camp Arirang”
Jeffrey Lerer“Memory Box II & III”
Branda Miller“Witness to the Future”
Dean Moss“Synchronized Swimming”
Betsy Newman“Frank in Love”
Producciones Homovision“Homovision”
Michael Schell and 77 Hz“Eclectic Company: 77 Hz/Rev2”
Mary Ellen Strom“Pink”
Stephen Vitiello“Fantastic Prayers”

Panel: Anne Fergerson and Mona Jimenez

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Finishing Funds 1993

Mara Alper“Stories No One Wants to Hear”
Kelly Anderson“Because Reality Isn’t Black & White”
Maria Beatty“Imaging Her Erotics”
Skip Blumberg“Weekend in Moscow”
Bill & Mary Buchen“Sounds (Like India)”
Abigail Child“Dinkinsville”
Yau Ching“Flow”
Bob Doyle“Father’s Day”
Kit Fitzgerald“The Teardrops of Eros”
Larry Gottheim“Kreyol”
Johan Grimonprez“Kobarweng or Where are Your Helicopters?”
Sara Hornbacher“Female (re) Production”
Allan Jamieson“Indigenous Voices, 1492-1992”
Jeffrey Lerer“Memory Box”
Dean Moss“Adventures in Assimilation”
Frank Ortega“What We Hold On To”
Matthew Ostrowski“The Blinding”
Richard Povall“The Last Garden”
Michael Schell and 77 Hz“Narrowcast”
Irene Sosa“Woman as Protagonist: The Art of Nancy Spero”
Ned Sublette“Ships at Sea, Sailors and Shoes”
Nancy Sullivan“Papua, New Guinea”
Jo Wright Whitten“Dancing on a String”
Reggie Woolery“Backwalk”
Ann Sargent Wooster“No Means No”

Panel: Rii Kanzaki and Carlota Schoolman

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Finishing Funds 1992

Karim Ainouz“Seams”
Basha Alperin“Children in Junkanoo”
Robert Attanasio“Whitewash USA”
Ellen Braune and Nina Alverez“Crossing Boundaries”
Abigail Child“8 Million”
Yau Ching“Flow”
Maxy Domingo and July Melo “Dear Teresa”
Ron Ehmke and Richard Wicka“Snap Judgments”
Vincent Grenier“The Practice of Everyday Life”
Denise Iris“Bloodsicle”
Lisa Jones“Combination Skin”
Jody Lafond“The Gift”
Heather MacDonald“Kiev Blue”
Lynn Masterson and Jim Supanick“Lift and Tuck”
Kevin O’Shaughnessy“Allegheny County: The First Stand”
Carlos Ortiz“Spirit of Survival: AIDS in the Prisons”
Kevin Pearson“A Salute to our Black Pioneers”
Trish Rosen and Kate Farrell“The Most Dangerous Place”
Angel Shaw“Nailed”
Brian Springer“Spin”
Ray St. Denis“Oscillators”
Mary Ellen Strom“Witness”
Helen Thorington“Partial Perceptions”
Richard Wicka“Snap Judgments”
Steve Zehentner“The Color Line: Racism in America”
Ellen Zweig“Mother Monkey on the Rape Rack”

Panel: Larry Gottheim, Chris Hill and Pam Jennings

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Finishing Funds 1991

Benton Bainbridge“Contact”
Joan Boccino“Mom Makes Lasagna”
Bill & Mary Buchen“Electric Village”
Christopher Burke“El Patron”
Norman Cowie and Trish Rosen“It’s a Proud Day for America”
Jean de Boysson“Teile Dich Nacht”
Bradley Eros and Jeanne Liotta“Apocatopia”
Lluis Escartin“75 Drive Away”
Shalom Gorewitz“Rock Dancing”
John Gwin“Power Toy”
Barbara Hammer“Naked Singularities”
Ron Jackson and Gregory Thomas“Still Life”
Kakuna Kerina“Where Boys Rule”
Bill Klaila“Espresso Mini”
Wago Kreider“Nostalgia”
Jill Kroesen “The Bird”
Cynthia Lopez“A base de nuestro sacrificio…”
Cara Mertes“Details”
Sarah Montague“In Time of the Breaking of Nations”
Mary Neininger“Urban Ritual”
Pam Payne“What We Do”
Mary Perillo“Fractured Variations”
Nick Pietrocarlo and Roger Bourdeau“On the Hair of a Buffalo”
Megan Roberts and Raymond Ghirardo“Disguised as a Different Life Form”
Ellen Spiro“Party Safe!”
William Trainer and Timothy Masick“here”

Panel: Shu Lea Cheang, Robery Doyle, and Philip Mallory Jones

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Finishing Funds 1990

Merrill Aldighieri and Joe Tripician“Metaphoria”
Mara Alper“Silent Echoes”
Cat Ashworth“Glass Wall”
Robert Attanasio“No Illusions”
Maria Beatty“Spinxes without Secrets”
Peer Bode“Invisible Landscape”
Abigail Child“Swamp”
Kate Doyle“Living with the Bases”
Bradley Eros and Jeanne Liotta“Open Sesame”
Carl Geiger“Rubble Tumble installation”
Barbara Hammer“Thanatos”
Kathy High“Underexposed: The Temple of the Fetus”
Mona Jimenez“October Sketch”
Joel Katz“Corporation with a Movie Camera”
Deans Kepple“Vision Quest”
John Knecht“Mutter and Fodder installation”
Barbara Kristaponis“Sound Shadows”
Elodie Lauten“The Soundless Sound”
Terry McCoy“The Public Life of Art: The Museum”
Daniel Minahan“Package”
Pam Payne“Brief Undermode”
Grai St. Clair Rice“Ransom for Memory”
Stephanie Rowden“Cabinet of Rhymes & Riddles installation”
Matthew Schlanger“Blowgun”
John Sturgeon“Inside Out”
Jo Wright Whitten“China’s Children”
Neil Zusman“Ephemeris”

Panel: Raymond Ghirardo and Arthur Tsuchiya