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The work of over one hundred artists who participated in Experimental Television Center’s residency program from 1969-2009. 5 double sided DVDs, running time 19 hours, with 132 page catalog. [details…]

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Selected works 1969-1986 by Ralph Hocking. DVD, 120 minutes. [details…]

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Demonstrations of influential real-time analog video processing tools. 8 DVDs. [details…]

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Demonstration footage produced by early animation computers at Computer Image Corporation, plus interview with Lee Harrison. DVD, 120 minutes.

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Dozens of interviews tell the fascinating story of how Lee Harrison and Computer Image Corporation started the motion graphics industry. DVD, 112 minutes.

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Documents the development of early video tools and systems designed and built by artists and technologists during the late 1960s and 1970s. 736 pages, 2 volumes. [details…]

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