Omnibus Computer Graphics Archive

The Omnibus Computer Graphics Archive contains video, photos, internal documents, annual reports, and press materials documenting the rise and fall of J.C. Pennie and the infamous Omnibus Computer Graphics, Inc. (1982-1987).

Omnibus Promotional Flyer (1982). Illustration by Cliff Kearns.

By 1984, Pennie had Omnibus steam-rolling; slick annual reports and state-of-the-art computer animation studios in Toronto and Los Angeles made it easy for Pennie to dazzle heavyweight investors with high tech glitz and the promise of having a piece of the digital future.

The dream didn’t last long. By March, 1987, Omnibus was sinking under the weight of $30 million in debt and in default on its loan agreements; in May it was in bankruptcy, leaving the American computer graphics industry in ruins.

Dave Sieg curates the archive.